Luke Et al.


Mission Statement

Our Focus is to provide fast, convenient, knowledgeable solutions to your home and commercial building needs.



Et al.?

What is Et al.? Et al. is the latin phrase for and others.

We areat team of full service electricians but a whole lot more. We wire new homes as well as renovate them. But we do a lot more than install outlets and light bulbs. We have been Retro-fitting lighting for LED, high efficiency light bulbs, since 2006. We also install wired and wireless computer networks, audio systems, home intregation, cellular boosters and tons more. We do not stop wiring when it comes to outdoors either. We design and install landscpe lighting of the fitting quality for your property.

We are always on the cutting edge of new technologies. We often work with them through Alpha and Beta testing well in advanced of public release. We have worked with the newest IoT devices on the market, sometimes years before they go into full production. We know and live with the technologies we install so we can guide you into the right level of smart home for you.

We are often contracted to take over existing systems where others have failed. With years of expenence behind us we avoid the common pitfalls in design for new system and can correct almost any existing system to be virtual and virtually maintenance free.







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